Telic Comfortable Sandals- Labor Day Giveaway!

If you have been reading this blog, then you probably know about Telic as I have featured their super comfortable sandals on multiple occasions …If you are new to Born 2 Impress, let me introduce you to this great brand.

#telic Sandals
I am collaborating with Telic in the promotion of their sandals.The product(s) offered for the giveaway are free of charge, no purchase necessary. My opinions are my own and not by any means influenced by any other part.

Telic comfortable sandals launched just 2 years ago and since 2012 Telic formerly known as Terox has quickly become a big favorite of comfort seekers, featuring vibrant fun colors and of course some more subtle traditional colors.
The Telic comfortable sandals are well claimed among athletes, and specially golfers.

Telic comfortable sandals are also known as recovery sandals as they provide wearers, not only with a pair of comfortable sandals, but they also provide arch support which is a feature that most sandals lack.



What you need to know about Telic?

They are very comfortable, but I already said that; They are great to change into after a sport or activity that keeps you on your feet…Wait I also said that…Telic offers 3 different styles and now they have another one soon to be released. The Z strap design runs a bit bigger than flip flop styles and they get even more comfortable (if possible) over time…Made of a special blend of elasto polymers which provides the cushioning, rebound and elasticity, they are non-porous, antibacterial and machine washable.

Telic features a textured footbed that provides a gentle massaging effect, and helps wick away moisture. My husband is an avid soccer player and always wears his Telic sandals following a soccer match. Telic comfortable sandals are also earth friendly.




Telic comfortable sandals are anatomically correct

Telic are contoured to support the arches of your feet …the deep heel cup on the sandals and good medial arch support along with the slight heel rocker offloads heel pressure that accentuates the arch support. These are some of the features that make Telic’s comfortable sandals one of a kind…Telic sandals are also heat activated…the material used for making the sandals reacts with your body temperature, so you will feel the shoe conforming to the shape of your foot…Meaning that over time your Telic comfortable sandals feel like you are walking on marshmallows!

#Telic sandals

The Telic comfortable sandals are available in different countries around the world and you can find them in selected retailers including online stores…One important fact: Once you try a pair of Telic sandals you will not settle for anything else…As a matter of fact the Telic comfortable sandals is the first thing I pack when going on a trip and on our recent family trip to Disney, they were the only pair of footwear my husband packed.

Telic- Disney

If you do not own a pair of these comfortable sandals yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Here is your chance to get your hands on one of 5 pairs of Telic comfortable sandals!

telic- Labor Day


Win it:
In celebration of Labor Day, Telic has kindly offered 5 Born 2 Impress readers, the chance to win a free pair of sandals!
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The product(s) provided for the review were sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. I am collaborating with Telic in the promotion of their sandals.The product(s) offered for the giveaway are free of charge, no purchase necessary. My opinions are my own and not by any means influenced by any other part. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

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  1. 1
    Michele Cupp says:

    A couple of years ago we vacationed in Cooperstown NY for my son’s travel baseball tournament. The amount of walking that we did back and forth from the parking lot to the fields and back again was crazy. I sure wish I had a pair of Telic Comfortable Sandals then. I see they have them in my favorite color, orange!

  2. 2

    Could have used them in Hawaii, when we got lost. Oh, the blisters, but if you’re gonna get lost, definitely the place to be! I would have loved to have them in Vegas, lots of walking there, too! I’d pick the Cranberry Red!

  3. 3
    Stephanie Galbraith says:

    I would love to have these when I go camping.

  4. 4
    Stephanie Galbraith says:

    I would love to have these when I go camping. These would help me keep my feet from burning on the hot sand at the beach area. They would also be good to keep my feet off the dirt.

  5. 5
    Cody Anderson says:

    We are planning a summer trip to the Bahamas next year. We will be taking a cruise with MSC Cruises and these would be perfect. They would be great for on and off the ship.

  6. 6

    I live in Florida, so I pretty much live in Flip flops all year long! It would be nice to have a pair that I could walk around in all day and be comfortable in! I don’t have any vacation plans for next summer — I already live in a vacation destination! :) If lucky enough to win, I’d love to have the Flip Flops in Midnight Black!

  7. 7

    oh I’d love to enjoy the aqua colored Telic sandals, I have heard these are so comfy and your post really informs us of the fact. I’d enjoy wearing them to the beach next summer. We didn’t get to go anywhere this year while my husband has his chemo treatments. But hope to visit Tybee Island, Georgia next year.

  8. 8

    I need them for the beach for when we are down at the beach house at the Jersey Shore. I think I would pick black or pink

  9. 9

    I wish I had had Telic Sandals on this mini vacation that I am on right now. They look very comfortable but also stylish. I only brought one pair of shoes, and they weren’t really a good choice for a fancy dinner or night out, but they worked well for the zoo. I wish I’d brought a pair that was more versatile, and I think all of the Telics are.

  10. 10

    I wish I had Telic sandals this summer when I went to Colorado. I would have worn them touring the downtown. I would love to have the deep blue color!

  11. 11

    I didn’t go anywhere exciting this year. Hopefully we’ll go on a beach vacation to Florida next summer. I’d love to have a pair of Telics in cranberry to wear on the white sand beaches there!

  12. 12

    I would love a pair in ocean blue and I would take them on my trip to Mexico this year!

  13. 13
    Brandi Dawn says:

    I love the Z Strap in Deep Ocean. These would be great beach shoes because they clean up so well. I would love to have a pair of these for EVERY vacation!

  14. 14
    Sue Ellison says:

    A pair of Telics would have been nice when we went to Six Flags a few weeks ago. Tennis shoes and water rides do not mix! My feet stayed damp most of the day. I love the fresh cranberry and grape vine color choices.

  15. 15

    I wish I had these on our recent trip to Washington D.C. I wanted to wear sandals, but we were doing so much walking that my feet got sore. These would be great for those summer trips (zoo, parades etc.) where you want your feet in sandals, but need to be able to walk!

  16. 16

    I’d love a pair of these sandals in black. It would have been awesome to have had a pair while we were at the Water park.

  17. 17
    Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I like all of the colors but especially the Pink Flamingo. I could have used these last year when my daughters and I went on a cruise to the Western Carribean which was the most enjoyable trip I’ve ever taken and would love to go on another. Thanks for this opportunity.

  18. 18

    I could have used a pair of Telic sandals on my trip to Myrtle Beach this summer. I hope to return next year so maybe I’ll get a pair for that.

  19. 20

    They look comfy. I would pick the brown. I would wear the sandals everywhere.

  20. 21
    Sharon Kaminski says:

    I wish I had a pair of telic sandals at the beach by the loon lake. I would like to take the sandals next summer to the same place. The color I would chose is black.

  21. 22

    I wish I had a pair of these sandals for all the summers past when I would visit the beach. They would be so easy to clean! I would love to have a Z-strap pair in the fresh cranberry colour.

  22. 23

    I like the Z Strap in dark ocean…I’d take them to the beach.

  23. 24

    These would be ideal for a vacation to the beach next summer, they look so comfortable. My favorite color is Deep Ocean because it looks like it would go with anything. Love that the unique material provides exceptional cushioning, rebound, and elasticity.

  24. 25
    Chrystal D says:

    I could have used these when I was at the beach a few years back! Walking on sand can be rough on your feet. I’d wear these a lot of places because they look really comfortable! If I won I’d choose the Key Lime color.

  25. 26
    Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I woud love to have an Aqua Lagoon pair of flip flops to wear on a summer vacation to Tennessee during the summer. These are so cute and look so comfortable. Thank you for sharing

  26. 27

    I would love to have the flip flops in Deep Ocean and Grape Vine. I would love to be able to go to Red Hat meetings wearing the Grape Vine colored shoes. I have needed flip flops with an arch support for a long time. I would take them on vacation with me to Spokane Washington. I don’t own any of them YET.

  27. 28

    I wish I had a pair of Telic’s when we went to Sleeping Bear Dunes recently. My feet were hurting after our long walks. And the Telic’s look so comfortable.

  28. 29
    Marti Tabora says:

    I would loved to have had a pair of these when I went to Honduras last year. We did a lot of walking and it would have been great to have comfy sandals. If I get to go To Honduras again I think I would like to take a pair. I would really like the Pink flamingo color. I think it’s really pretty.

  29. 30

    I like the z-strap in the grape vine color. living in florida i have a lot of opportunities to wear sandals practically year round. I would def like to take these to st augustine beach when i go.

  30. 31
    Darlene Sullins says:

    I wish I had a pair while at the zoo this summer! My feet get super sweaty with tennis shoes on and most other sandals wear my feet out faster!

  31. 32
    Daniel Scott says:

    I would have loved to have a pair in Colorado this summer. It is hard to do a lot of walking in tennis shoes and socks. My wife owns a pair of Telics and she loves them. I would like the black ones.

  32. 33

    I wish I had them this summer when we went to the lake. If I win I would take them next year when we go camping and canoeing. I would choice the Fresh Cranberry colour.

  33. 34

    I’d like to use it to visit Rome
    because there is so much to walk
    I’d like to have the color black

  34. 35
    Tari Lawson says:

    I would love to bring them with me to Jamaica. I like the blue ones.

  35. 36

    I would wear them in Myrtle Beach. I really like the Z strap sandals. My favorite colors are grape vine and aqua lagoon.

  36. 37
    Sandy Cain says:

    All the summers I spent in Upstate NY would have been great to wear these Telics. They’d be perfect for the pools, the lakes, wandering around the woods, or just hanging out. Maybe next year I can go back! Upstate NY is just gorgeous in the summer! I’d put these to good use. Deep Ocean is my favorite!

  37. 38

    I wish I would have had them on a trip to Universal Studios. So much walking!! BTW, my mother raves about these sandals. I think I’d like a pair in black.

  38. 39
    Erin Madigan says:

    I love going to the beach so I would LOVE to have a pair of these sandals to go to the beach with. I don’t own a pair, so I would love them in the aqua lagoon color!

  39. 40

    I’d love to have a pair for all the beach trips I will take, and even just for wearing around town in the summer! The Z-strap style looks really cool. I like the fresh cranberry color a lot, although I thought it used to be a darker shade of cranberry?

  40. 41
    Sheila Vives says:

    I wish I would have had Telic sandals when I was at Wabasso Beach in Florida, and they would come in good use for my next beach trip too ! I love all the colors, and it is so hard to choose just one. But I am thinking Expresso Brown to kind of go with everything so I can wear them more often.

  41. 42

    My last summer vacation was to Tofino BC. The beaches there are so long and wonderful and great for walking, these sandals would have come in handy! I hope to have a pair for my next trip to Cancun!

  42. 43

    These Telic Sandals look so comfortable. I would choose the Deep Blue color to take on my cruise next year.

  43. 44

    I would love a pair of these to go to the beach. they look comfortable. I would like the black pair.

  44. 45

    I would love to wear them when going to Penang Island during my annual food hunting trip

  45. 46

    I take summer vacations at the beach. Having a pair of these would save my feet from burning on the hot sand. Southern France would be a great place to take Telic sandals, if I could afford to go! I would choose the dark blue sandals if I win.

  46. 47
    Maria Carla Perez says:

    Last March, during the summer vacation we went to the nearest beach in our province, I wish a had a pair of Telic Sandals during that time. And next summer we are going to a very pretty diving place and a pair of Telic Sandals will be good for me, and i like the colors Agua Lagoon. Key Lime or Grape Vince

  47. 48
    Emily Morelli says:

    This summer all I did was go to the lake once and Telic sandals would have been great there. Next year I hope to go on a cruise for our anniversary and they would be perfect for walking around on the boat.

  48. 49

    My husband and I haven’t had a chance to go on a honeymoon yet so we’re hoping for our 3 year anniversary we will be able to take some time off. We live in Florida but never make it to the beach, I would love to have some of those comfy sandals for our future beach vacation!

  49. 50

    Unfortunately, this summer I did not go on holiday, but I was at sea on weekends. Next year I would love to visit a nice place, maybe wearing a pair of your beautiful Telic Sandals! Love the Deep ocean! <3

  50. 51

    Love the Deep ocean!
    this summer I did not go on holiday :(

  51. 52

    All the summers I spent in Italy. The next year I hope to have my Telic sandal to visit Romwe. Love the deep ocean color.

  52. 53

    Mi sarebbe piaciuto averli quest’estate in Sardegna,in giro per spiagge sia posti selvaggi sia in citta’,che male avevo ai piedi.mi piacerebbe il colore fucsia

  53. 54
    Wendy Hatton says:

    I’d love to be wearing a delicious Fresh Cranberry pair, when summer arrives here in Australia, for visiting the beach as often as possible. Occasionally the sand is too hot to walk on. And anyway they look so good and so comfortable they would be a joy to wear.

  54. 55
    carmen rossi says:

    i love fucsia color! great giveawy, telic beautiful for vacation on the beach

  55. 56

    I wish I had the Pink Flamingo Flip Flops during my vacation in Greece – spending half the day in swimsuit and pareo, they’d be the perfect footwear for comfort and elegance. The ideal flip flops to avoid the hot sand and walk on all sorts of grounds with ease. Plus they’d compliment my 3 bikinis wonderfully! Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

  56. 57

    I would love to take the sandals to the beach or the pool. it’d make getting the sand out of shoes much easier. I like the fresh cranberry color.

  57. 58
    Maegan Morin says:

    I would choose the color Grape Vine and I would wear them everywhere!!

  58. 59

    These would of been great for all of our camping trips this summer. They would also be great for our camping trips next summer. I do not own any but if I were to get a pair I would choose Z-Strap in Midnight Black.

  59. 60

    WOW, Sandals are fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. . It is tight, fly & off the chain. .Perfect for my niece big BD gift which I can’t afford. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity.

  60. 61
    Linda Bradshaw says:

    I would love the Dream Ocean blue. I would keep for myself this time. My daughter wants the cranberry. I have never been on a vacation due to my physical health. I would just like to go somewhere with nice scenary. I love slow, laid back places.

  61. 62
    Rebecca Orr says:

    These do look comfortable! I would love to go on a beach vacation to Aruba or Punta Cana wearing these stylish sandals. I would be taking them camping next summer if I won a pair!

  62. 63
    rodney stone says:

    With Summer just around the corner it would be great to have some dark blue mens sandals to wear on my trip to Fiji

  63. 64
    Michelle Castagne says:

    I would have like a pair off these sandals when I went to Canada. We did a lot of walking that week. For the next trip to Hawaii I would like to have a pair in purple.

  64. 65
    Karla Sceviour says:

    I would love to own these sandals and wear them everywhere I go. Next summer,we are going on a vacation,so I would wear them everywhere. They are great for the water or just everyday walking. I would maybe chose the pink or the aqua color.

  65. 66
    Shellie Clark says:

    I would loved to have had a pair of these when I went the beach in kelowna BC

  66. 67

    I would love these for any day, not just vacation. I really like sandals and they look really easy to take care of. I like to wear my sandals in all sorts of places, such as the garden, so easy to clean is a huge plus…as these are :)

  67. 68
    Jennifer Hiles says:

    My favorite are the snow white. I didn’t have to opportunity to take a vacation this year so I’m hoping for next year. I’d like to take these lovely shoes to Tennessee. We are hoping to get a cottage there for the weekend and do some exploring!

  68. 69
    Marilyn Nawara says:

    I wish I had a pair when we went to the beach this summer. I wore tennis shoes and kept getting sand in my shoes. If I had worn a pair of these sandals I would have been much more comfortable. I would like to have a pair for our trip next year.

  69. 70

    A Summer vacation that I wish I had a pair of Telic sandals was last summer after being injured by a dog my feet swelled incredibly! Next summer I would like to take a pair of Telic sandals to the beach at Old Orchard Park. I would choose Expresso Brown Telic sandals.

  70. 71

    Would have brought my Telic Sandals to a recent backpacking trip to Singapore and also the Philippines! Spent most of the time walking under the sun during those two trips, and the leg pain caused by using uncomfortable footwear is still fresh in my mind. Ugh, I would never want that to happen again. I would love to have a pair of Fresh Cranberry Telic Sandals on my next backpacking trip!

  71. 72
    Doreen Lamoureux says:

    Oh my gosh. I would love one in every colour. A dream of mine. I would lake them all to the west like Winnipeg. Would love to go there next summer. visit some of Canada.

  72. 73

    We love driving to Dana Point and taking the ferry to Catalina Island. These Telic sandals would be perfect for walking around the town or strolling on the sandy beaches. I’d like to wear these every day, too!

  73. 74

    I would love to take a pair to the New England coastline. I think i would choose the orange ones. So many fun colors.

  74. 75

    This is not a vacation or trip but rather where I live. I live in a huge beach town with the worlds longest freshwater beach ( Wasaga beach Ontario ) These would have been perfect to wear all summer.


  75. 76

    Vacations to the beach normally leave me wishing I had a more comfortable pair of sandals. I think I’d prefer the white colored sandals.

  76. 77

    I would like the Z strap sandals in the deep ocean blue color, I could have used these on my outerbanks beach trip.

  77. 78
    Dawn Keenan says:

    I would love to take these sandals to Hawaii. I’ve never been there, but would love to go. I love the black.

  78. 79
    Bobbie Smith says:

    I don’t own a pair of Telic Sandals, so I would pick the color black if I won or brown..hard to make my mind I would wear them everywhere, and even to North Carolina when we would go and visit my daughter and grandkids next year

  79. 80
    betty league says:

    I would like a pair of black Telic Sandals to take to the beach next Summer. I would not classify my day at the beach as a vacation because I live on the coast but it is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon….lol I love these sandals. thank you

  80. 81
    Emily Smith says:

    We went to the coast for a few days this summer and Telic sandals would have been great to have! My husband and I are going to Honolulu for 6 days in February and these would be perfect for that trip! I do not own a pair, but the colors I like best are Aqua Lagoon or Fresh Cranberry. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  81. 82
    Adrien Beatty says:

    I would love to Telic with me on my spa getaway weekend along with wine tasting. My sister gave me this as a gift for my upcoming birthday and I know Telic footwear would be perfect for my relaxation and style. I took telic with my to the beach this year and a car ride!

  82. 83

    I would love to take a pair of Telic sandals, while I’m going to the beach during the vacation time. I wish to wear the aqua lagoon & walk aside the beach. I’m sure Telic footwear will give me comfortable & enjoyable moments.

  83. 84

    Its great to know about this amazing giveaway on Labor Day. Your rests are really amazing and I love to follow your blog.

  84. 85

    I would have loved a pair of Telic sandals at my mommy-daughter Disneyworld trip. I was wearing flip flops while we ran back and forth to rides all day. Just after the parade ended that night, my left flip-flop broke. I was unable to walk, so I had to shuffle through the parade crowd to the front door. All the shops were closing! Luckily the hotel gift shop had a pair of flip flops for sale (and I still wear them!)

  85. 86
    Godrick Olima says:

    Very often my feet are mostly in the shoes ,because the sandals sold around are of poor quality.You only get embarassed when you wear them.Its time to advance and get super quality Telic sandals.

  86. 87

    every summer I go to Guatemala, and could have used these sandals this past June and July as there is tons of walking to be done in Guatemala! Whether I am walking around Antigua, or at the beach trying to keep my feet from burning on the black sand, these would be awesome! I would love the pink flamingo color!

  87. 88

    These shoes look comfy! I would love to have them for the beach. We weren’t able to go this year, but next year I would love to where them around Chincoteague and Assateague Island. It’s great with the wild ponies and all, although I did hear that they don’t let you back near the ponies anymore because some people could not just observe.

  88. 90

    I would have liked to have had Telic Sandals the last time we went to Kalahari Resorts. It would be nice to have shoes to slip on and off in different areas of the park. Thank you!

  89. 91
    laurie nykaza says:

    Deep ocean is nice color and I would wear them on vacation to the beach when we stay for a week.

  90. 92

    We don’t travel much. But we do spend a lot of time at local beaches, a pair of Telic sandals would be most helpful and comfortable. I’m not big on sandles, but I do love the look of these. The colors are amazing too. There’s something for everyone! I really like the flip flops in Deep Ocean color most, they are all really great colors tho :)

  91. 93

    our family will be going to boracay next summer and i hope to have a telic sandals to bring along. it’ll be fun to frolic and explore the island with a comfy sandals on. i’d like to own a pink one.

  92. 94
    Judy Hunting says:

    I would wear them everywhere.. I have always wanted a pair of the Raspberry telic sandals!!

  93. 95

    i had a great summer. We went to Gulf Shores during the 4th of July. The family watched the fireworks over the ocean! It was great. These sandals would be perfect for those occasions.

  94. 96

    I wish I’d had a pair of Telic sandals last time I vacationed at the Santa Monica beach. The sandals I brought fell apart during my trip, and I had to wear sneakers instead! I’d love a pair of Telic Dream shoes, in cranberry, to take with me to next summer’s vacation in Big Sur, California!

  95. 97

    I would like to take a Summer vacation to San Diego. I actually would like to go to the San Diego Comic Con in July. I think the telic sandals slide would be a perfect sandal to wear to the san diego beaches.

  96. 98

    Love the key lime z strap sandals, they would have been nice to have when I went to yellowstone this year. Maybe next year.

  97. 99

    I do not nor have I owned a pair of Telic sandals. I love the Aqua Lagoon sandals and they would be great to wear next summer during our yearly trip to Florida.

  98. 100
    Christina Strapp Lambert says:

    I’m going on a cruise in a few weeks and would love to have a pair for that. We will be doing a lot of walking and comfortable pair of shoes is a must. I would choose the black pair.

  99. 101
    katy emanuel says:

    These would be great for all of our camping trips and for the beach each spring/summer/fall. So many great colours, although Black would go with most of my stuff.

  100. 102

    I wish I had those at this year’s camping vacation. Aynyway next year I’ll be visit a Greek Island and I hope I wear the blue ones :)

  101. 103

    It would have been very nice to have had some of these sandals at camp, this summer. They look so comfortable! I’d definitely choose them in pink. I love that there is such a great array of colours to choose from!

  102. 104

    I do not own a pair of Telic sandals
    But I would love to have the yellow sandals.
    I can picture myself visiting Paris in them next year
    Or Rome the next year

  103. 105

    Last summer I wish I had a pair of Telic sandals for. We did a lot of water park trips and having amazing footwear to go with my bathing suit would’ve been awesome.

  104. 106
    cynthia Painter says:

    I wish I had a pair of Telic sandals when we went to the beach this summer. We just moved to the coast, and found out real fast there are these little round thorn -pod things that will stick in your feet. They HURT! I would wear my new Telic Sandals to the beach next summer for sure!

  105. 107
    Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I wish I had them when I went to Cuba.

  106. 108

    I would wear them everywhere. Wish I had them when I went on my cruise before kids to the Bahamas. Any color would do for me.

  107. 109

    I would wear them everywhere. On the beach often

  108. 110

    Not so much for a vacation, but I could have used a pair yesterday when we went to the fair. It was a lovely day, but hot, and walking around with a grandchild made me a little footsore by the end of the day. I think the Z-strap in Aqua Lagoon would be very summery looking.

  109. 111
    Karen Drake says:

    I wish I had had a pair of Telics when I went to Gatlinburg a few years back, we walked for hours and I wish I had worn comfortable sandals. I would love to go to the Beach next summer, I would get a pair of Flamingo Pink Flip Flops to take with me.

  110. 112

    I really wish I had a pair of Telic sandles this summer when we visited Disneyland. It was hot and we walked a lot, and it would have been nice to be wearing a pair of Teliacs. They also would have been great for our time at the beach!

  111. 113
    Laurie Emerson says:

    I wish I had had a pair when we went to Disney. My feet ached almost the whole vacation from all the walking. We are going to go to New Hampshire next summer to see all the sights and I would wear this everyday. I would love the pink ones.

  112. 114

    This summer we went camping by the ocean and my husband’s flip flops broke and then mine! Clearly we needed some better quality sandals for that trip!

  113. 116
    Judy Thomas says:

    I wish I had a pair of Telic sandals when I was on holiday in Rarotonga a few years ago. It got so hot on the sand that I burnt the soles of my feet.Not a good way to spend a holiday.

  114. 117

    We go lake camping every summer and so every summer I am the lookout for appropriate and comfortable shoes to wear in and out of water or boat. These are awesome and love the color variations to choose from, I am a colored shoe freak!

  115. 118
    Stacie Clark says:

    I spent the summer of 2011 studying abroad in Prague and Krakow. I literally walked miles a day that summer and my feet were in terrible shape. I had taken a pair of Dankin walking shoes that I thought were the most comfortable shoes ever – but all the locals were wearing these amazing sandals. It was then that I wanted a pair of those sandals so bad. Not sure if they were Telic sandals, but they looked amazing, as do the ones in the photo. I have been looking for sandals like this ever since!

  116. 119
    Debra Guillen says:

    A Summer vacation that I wish I had a pair of Telic sandals was last year when my entire Family (my 2 sisters & their husbands and kids, my parents, and my husband and 2 sons) rented a condo on South Padre Island. We had so much fun together. These sandals would have been perfect for that vacation.

  117. 120

    We plan on going to Italy next summer to visit my family. We do a LOT of walking and these look super comfy!

    They would be just perfect!

  118. 121
    Cheryl Reinhardt says:

    I would have like the sandals last year when we were out on our boat.
    I would take any color but I like Pink… it seems to say Summer, and I would wear them anywhere but mostly out on the boat in the summer. One can never have enough sandals in their closet…

  119. 122

    I wish I had these when we went to Orlando.


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