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I’m a hispanic mother of two wonderful (usually) children as well as a giant furball (Sheep-a-doodle) named Cooper.  I have a passion for DIY, plants, travel, technology, and beauty. I am always looking for new products and services to share with my online family   My name is Jenniffer and I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic where I graduated with a degree in hotel management. After college, I moved from the Carribean to the South of Spain where I lived in an oceanfront town called Marbella, well known as a tourist point and worked in the hotel and restaurant business for about 6 years. During my time in Spain, I really enjoyed visiting and learning about new and different places, food, and culture throughout Spain and especially in the Costa del Sol. In 2006, I moved to the US and got married. I am Completely Bi-Lingual in both English and Spanish.

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I have a real propensity for communications and dealing with clients and establishing what their goals are and finding the best methods to accomplish them. While in the United States, I have worked as a  Sales Associate, Customer Profiling  at a large retail brand, as well as a telecommunications company dealing with customer requests.  In those capacities, I have had to  coordinate shipping,  order products, deal with client Relations,  Employee Scheduling, and even work as an onboarding officer.   Co-Owner  Misty Boutique I owned and ran the day to day operations of a small boutique store in the Dominican Republic. I started blogging more than 10 years ago and  I love learning new things that I can share.

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  • My Second Skill 89% 89%
  • My Third Skill 95% 95%
  • My Fourth Skill 73% 73%
  • My Fifth Skill 82% 82%


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